Techie Travellers!

 Damp Morning!

10 AM 29th September 2009  



It had rained all night intermittently and the morning looked damp! The breakfast wasn’t waiting for us this morning… We managed a cuppa coffee as new crowd still kept coming in every day, only thing constant at the resort were ourselves and the host… lol! We decided to visit old Goa and were on our way towards Panaji…

  Its about 15 Km from Panaji on the road to Ponda and the weather still looked gloomy! We crossed the Goa institute of management and drove through the narrow lane. Finally when we reached BOM Jesus church, it was pouring… Its quiet a distance to walk and I had forgotten to get the umbrella so we had to wait for the rain to stop. As it rained, we got into a near by hotel to catch a cup of tea and then had a light breakfast… 

 Back to History 


Church @ Old Goa

Church @ Old Goa

12 PM 29th September 2009 

The rain never showed no respite so we decided to drive to the left gate of Archeology survey of India museum, parked the car and quickly walked into the building… There is a nominal entry fee but then it’s worth it. As you enter there is a huge statue of Alfonso De Albuquerque and he greets you with a straight face!  By the way he is the first viceroy of Goa after the Portuguese landed here. Then there is a write-up about Goa erstwhile called Gomanchala, Gopapur etc… The museum collects almost every antic that includes: Shikaras, Vishnu to Shiva, Portuguese & Arabic scripts, Jesus, Mary, artillery etc… Right from the time of Rastrakutas, Chalukyas, Bahamani sultans, Vijaynagar Kings to Portuguese era… followed by the portraits of the viceroys, governors and priests… some paintings and sculptures. All in all an interesting piece of information if one has a hunger for history and interest for the facts during those eras. 

The rain had stopped by time we came out… Right opposite to the museum is the Church so we bought some candles and hopped into the church. It has some marvelous architecture and the structure is magnanimous with each corner having people of significance in the bible. We lit the candles, sat down for a while and visited St. Xavier’s tomb and were out of the church…

Banked on Mandovi…

2 PM 29th September 2009

Back in the car, we drove further down the lane to the Mandovi River. The sky by then had let the cloud occupy it and the hot humid weather had vanished… The river has a barge serving public to commute on to the delta. We bought some tea, and sat on the platform watching the barges ferrying people, vehicles across the banks to & fro … A steamer sailed along the river towards a station down the river, few gulls hunted for a sign of fish in the river as they patrolled from bank to bank… This was one of the nice moments and unfortunately we were so lost in its beauty that we never pulled the camera out for a picture here…

We started back at about 3 PM and reached Panaji… At panaji we stopped at a Shetty’s Udupi hotel and had a bakwas lunch… The roads in Panaji don’t have proper sign boards and this is something I dint like at all. For a place so frequented by tourist should have had a better help… I say this because I had to circle the same road 3 times before I got on the right track to Calangute…

Final Supper… 

5PM 29th September 2009 

black n White...The drizzle affected the life around Dona Julia too… The pool had no takers, the buzzing people preferred to stay back in rooms or may be were out sight seeing… The crowd shrunk too as we moved to the mid of the week… When we reached Dona, our rooms were moved from Standard to Deluxe and we absolutely loved it. In the evening, we again decided to go for a game of pool at Bhav’s 

 7 PM to 1AM 29th September 2009 

A feeling of fulfillment gripped us… with our souls satisfied; we planned to end our Goan adventure on the next day. We settled the bill, thanked Lloyd and set out to meet Bhav for one last time… Rain never relented and kept pouring as we drove towards Bhaga… As we neared Bhav’s shack, he wasn’t there… the rest of them never bothered to show any interest in us as a customer, disappointed we left the shack and roamed around in the rain hopping from joint to joint. We had tasted blood in Bhav’s hospitality and nothing less seemed pleasurable…  Finally after a long tirade of nomadic restaurant hopping, we decided to return back to Dona’s nest… The night was going to be our last in Goa this trip, we sat in the balcony reviewing our trip, smiles, laughter, swears dominated the discussion…  We slid under the sheets covered with blanket for the first time in 4 days… 

 To be Continued…

 Review… Rewind… Yawnn!

 2 AM 28th September 2009

We slept late last night as everyone put through their thoughts on the days events before winding up. Discussion took turns and twists like the roads in the Western Ghats ranging from Portuguese, Disco fiasco, Bhav, nuclear weapons, bombs and finally metals. Prasad could remember atomic number of most of them and started running us through the periodic table. The audience slipped one by one and crept into the bed and finally forced the professor to end his seminar!

 Bright day ahead!

10 AM 28th September 2009

The Fort

The Fort

As usual we were up again at 10 AM. The breakfast counter was closing by then but the guy at the counter was nice to us as he served some toasts and tea. As we sipped tea, I noticed that many of the fellow occupants who were there on day 1 had left. New ones arrived keeping the place abuzz with activity. The pool always remained a busy place with few good swimmers and some amateurs wading the breadth and width to beat the heat. Watching them was equally entertaining and enjoyable. We were all set to head towards Aguada Fort

Fort Aguada Conquered

12 PM 28th September 2009

The Knights

The Knights

It’s about half an hour drive from Calangute to Aguada. When we got there it was 12 Noon, with sun mercilessly looking down straight over the head. Aguada was a water refilling point for the merchant ships during the erstwhile Portuguese era. As any other fort, it is strategically placed on a hillock facing the sea and small in size, and doesn’t appear to have had any military significance.  

Akaash? Sid??

Akaash? Sid??

The sea from the fort is amazing and gives a magnanimous feel. To sit on the fort parapet facing the sea gives an wonderful experience. Ideally after being there I felt we should have planned it in the evening, viewing sun set from the fort would have been an different experience altogether. Far away, couple of steamers and fishing boats sailed and the breeze up the hillock from the sea brought a breather in that hot humid weather… We did some photo shoots imitating the dil chatha hai trio and were successful to an extent… There are some nice back grounds that allow taking some wonderful pictures. After exploring the fort and some amazing pictures we headed back to the resort.


Tchau Amigos…

4PM 28th September 2009

It was 3 eventful days together and now half the team were going back… Prasad and Ravi had to catch the bus back home at 6:15 PM. The rest of us sensed an incomplete feeling as we would miss these guys in the second phase… We decided to load their backpacks in the car and head to panaji and on the way planned to lunch… The lunch meeting was again a recap of the past 3 days and it stretched longer than we had imagined. With mixed feelings we paid the bill and then headed towards Panaji… We had to stretch to make it in time for the bus… With hugs and vows to be back, Prasad and Ravi boarded the bus

We drove back to Calangute and discussion on the re-cap continued… Mid-way I suggested going to Anjuna… As we drove and enquired for directions, a middle aged guy offered himself a lift… He introduced himself as Mickey, shared his card, talked about his work: a consultant in setting up restaurants etc… He offered us a better place but our past experience made us take a cautious stand! As we neared Anjuna, a light drizzle welcomed us…adding damp to the sober mood we already were in. Ah Shucks! We were on the wrong side of the sea. The locale was scarcely populated so decided to leave as it was getting darker…

 Oh brother Bhav…

7:30 PM 28th September 2009

Walk on the share

Walk by the sea

As we wondered what next… unanimously we voted on bhav! It still was drizzling when we set our foot on Bhagha but it was as active as yesterday… Just that the crowd had changed! Anupam and I went for a stroll along the beach while Vinay preferred to rest. When we came back, we got into shack and chose a place to sit and spotted a pool table. Wow! Thatz something we hadn’t expected to do and any good surprise always brings satisfaction & satisfaction.… Bhav volunteered to join us as a partner to Vinay while I and Anupam teamed up. We continued with the pool till about half past 1 AM until the butterflies were felt in the stomach. Bhav served us another good dinner and won our heart with his courteous mannerism.  Thanking him for the time, we walked towards to parking lot! We had fallen in love with GOA…

To be continued…

Wake up Goa!

10AM 27th September 2009

After a long journey the tired bodies dozed off to sleep… It was 9:30 AM when I woke up! Vinay, Prasad and Anupam were almost ready to have breakfast (the resort offered a complimentary breakfast). Ravi and I quickly got off the bed, freshened up and were at the breakfast table… Munching the slice of bread, I realized, the resort we had hopped in last night was more beautiful than I thought… It has a centrally located swimming pool surrounded by couple of coconut trees, the rooms have balcony which overlook the pool, lots of shrubs with colorful flowers, laid out lawn with walk path and well chosen colors of the surrounding made the resort look like a perfect goan beauty. Not to forget the host, they were courteous and gentle… Anytime I would give a perfect 10 for Dona Julia!

 Shoppers Stop

11:30 PM 27th September 2009

Without wasting time we were out of the resort on our mission… We also had to decide on how to spend the next part of the day! Vinay suggested we visit the Calangute market which offers some cool beach apparels… The sun was burning us down and weather humid with not a hint of breeze, we spent 2 hours hopping shop after shop… Finally when we were done, we still weren’t decided on the plan for the day… We headed towards the beach hoping to catch up with breeze & beer….

 Shack a laka baby!

1:30 PM 27th September 2009                                   


The idea of hanging on the beach was to brainstorm on the next activity… The walk down the market had dried the esophagus from end to end… how else can one expect to quench thirst? With in minutes we all were sipping beer ola la la la le le yo! Well this line from kingfisher sounded so true… God loving & biblical!

 We sat in the shack facing the sea and got a full view of the beach… a light breeze and the company around the shack kept us entertained! The company kept changing but we were unmoved LOL. It started with the vendors: a woman offering massage, tattoo wala, artisans etc…

Massage had no takers, tattoo wala managed to catch Prasad’s interest and after much bargaining the deal was sealed, Prasad had an Aum on the left arm! The polo shirt had folded up; his face turned macho, so proud that he let the entire world admire…

 An artisan selling Chain & bands made of beads caught the interest of Vinay, Ravi and me. Anupam joined too later and finally the old lady’s efforts didn’t go waste… We had bought quiet a few of them! Then came the dogs, hoping to share the food… Ravi and I generously fed them and they were happy to lie down besides us… By then a family joined us in adjacent table, their two kids were cute… The daughter was elder and both came with amazing amount of energy… She kept us entertained with her dance, cat walks(jataks & mataks) and heart touching smile… Prasad, Anupam and Vinay ran behind wooing her for snap… she obliged after she got over the initial shyness and had many interesting shots! With so much fun coming up to us, we finally decided to wind up!

 Sharks enter the pool!

5 PM 27th September 2009

Beat the heat

We came back to the resort and the boys decided to deep dive into the pool to beat the heat… Prasad & Anupam being good swimmers tried all possible strokes right from breath, butterfly to free style! Ravi , Vinay & Myself floated in the water; I got out of the pool early as my head had started to ache and preferred to sleep for a while… It was 6:30 PM when I woke up around and could hear the thuds into the water… The 2 hour at the pool had refreshed one and all and were ready for another adventure…



D.I.S.C.O… D.I.S.C.O… D.I.S.C.O…

8PM 27th September 2009

Prasad and Ravi had to leave on 28th evening back to Bangalore and we decided that we should spend this night in discotheque. We zeroed in on Tito’s which is supposed to be renowned place in Calangute … It’s a small gully and as we neared the enterance, there were guys trying to sell other not so popular ones. The slang was weird.. “Boss Disco jana hai kya Disco…, *!@^..!@##” types…  Shrugging them off our backs and sneaking through the jammed gully, finally we reached Tito’s.  Prasad and Anupam got off to enquire while my car crawled looking for a parking space…

 As I was parking my car, we bumped into a guy who spoke decent kannada… he befriended us and convinced us that he knew a better place which had a much decent crowd. He managed to sell the idea and volunteered to the escort us to the location. We crawled back through the gully which almost took an hour and reached the location. As we entered the building, something dint look right… further inside it had the stink of dance bar, fortunately sense prevailed over and we confirmed this before entering in… We chucked the idea of discotheque and bid the guy adieu. From then on through out the journey, one of us would mimick “Ah! Disco, Disco, Disco” mocking at the spate of discotheque in Goa in typical black ticket vendor style…

 Bhagam Bhagha…

11 PM 27th September 2009.


 The disco Fiasco had left each one of us drained, we decided to go to Bhagha beach for dinner. Bhagha is a nice place and has some nice shacks similar to the Lobo’s in Calangute. Britto’s is one such famous joint… Bhagha also has a creek which divides the beach… The tide was low and the shacks had tables on the beach all around…The beach was buzzing with life and energy… Young couples walked along the shore lost in their own world, couple of them entered the sea and let the tides touch their ankles, further up near the shacks, and kids built fort, manors and what not! On the other side of the land ships stay still unperturbed by the activity on the shore…

 It was almost half past 11 when we decided to dine at one of the  shacks there… Bhav, the steward was very nice, hospitable and attended to us with the same enthusiasm he would have if it were to be the start of the day. The bright moon and its reflection on the sea with a candle lit table made the moment special. We all wished we were not single there…. With glorious memories of our first day in Goa we returned our heaven at Dona Julia resorts…

To be continued…


Into the last week of September, I could only hear about how the tour is going to be? Where would we be stopping? What should I carry? Such was the excitement with everyone simply everyone refused to think anything beyond the trip. Then as the day dawned on 26th Sep 2009, the long wait ended. As planned, we started off early by quickly offering a puja for the car. I was bit apprehensive about the first ayudha puja for the car and didn’t want to travel long without it.

 Ready; Steady; 1-2-3 Go…

6:30 AM 26th September 2009

Ready to leave

Ravi and Anupam joined us this time and ensured the enjoyment never dipped. We picked Prasad and Ravi on the way and were out of Bangalore by 6:30 AM. As we headed towards Magadi, traffic weaned. The road after the NICE road junction is newly laid and with little traffic, the cruise went smooth.




Flow down the valley to Magadi:

Early birds to school

Vinay hand picked about 4 GB of songs that included latest release and some sufi classics. It was enough even if we had traveled a week non-stop… All through the way, Prasad read aloud every board/hoarding interpreting his version of the meaning. Occasionally he came out with some censored one-liners that prompted a burst of laughter. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the drive through the landscape around Thippagondanahalli valley. The early morning mist kissed the mountain peaks, Farmers out on their way to the field, a group sat at the lone village tea stall smoking beedis gave a perfect flavor of life around the village surrounding Bangalore…



Smoking tea @ NH48 Junction:

8 AM 26th September 2009

We headed towards Kunigal from Magadi, again the stretch is newly laid, well marked and is a treat to drive. Ragi fields on either side of the road and lean traffic density the landscape resembled the drive to magadi. Within no time we were at the NH-48 junction and decided to stop for a tea. As we sipped tea, Prasad help a kannada newspaper and started running though the headlines and continued testing his interpretation skills. A local frequenter to the tea stall probably couldn’t stand the slang in his oration pulled the paper and surprised Prasad. We all chuckled at his spate, and never again he tried reading news paper along the trip… Back in the car, we took NH-48 and headed towards Channarayapatna

 Aagey se right – to Arasikere:

10 AM 26th September 2009

Dream road

The drive through NH-48 wasn’t smooth, the traffic grew, and the roads are patchy. The road widening project has left parts of the road in bad shape. As we reached Channarayapatna, we all were hungry and looked for a decent place to refill. We tried munching at a joint kruthika, but the quality wasn’t that good. We took the road to Arasikere, this was the treat of the entire road we drove through added to this was anthakshari which was as funny as it was in our previous trip with songs being twisted and murdered to suit ones need… Its about 30+ KM straight, marked, newly laid stretch and I did a 120 kmph here and reached arasikere in 35 minutes I guess….



Quenched thirst at shimoga:

1 PM 26th September 2009

By time we reached Shimoga it was past noon, Sun was mercilessly spitting heat… We took the by-pass avoiding the chaotic shimoga town. Finally thirst overpowered the boys and every one wanted a drink… Anupam rushed out to find an outlet where we could find a bottle of cold water and successfully came out with couple of them… Once the thirst vanished and with energy flowing across the muscles and viens, hungama started in the car as I drove towards Sagara…

in the woods... on the way to sagara

 The road to Sagara started to show the glimpse of the rich vegetation ahead in the Western Ghats. The landscape had changed from bayalu seeme(Plateau) to a richer, greener environment. All through our journey we regularly stopped for a small break and that invited twitter from the boys… One such conversation ended up with confusion about 2 breeds supari: red and white. By the time we reached Sagara, it was around 2:30 PM. We decided for a second pit stop and have lunch at Madhura. Lunch was satisfying and probably made the folks drowsy… Then we had to stop by a adake thota(arecanut farm)and Vinay cleared the confusion Prasad had about red/white supari… The weather grew humid and suggested rain in the ghats and coast…


 Jogada Siri Belakinalli

3:15 PM 26th September 2009

Joga.. no intro needed

Jog was humid again, and it hadn’t rained in the last week which meant the falls from Sagara was not enjoyable… Disappointed, we dint spend too much time except for a quick photo session. Ravi felt the need for a cable car to the other side of the valley… As we left Jog, Anupam dreamt of coming back with his soulmate the next time.




 Sharavathi  – A valley of imagination

4 PM 26th September 2009

In the Ghat.. be there to feel it

As we entered the ghat, I could smell the scent of the rain forest… The temperature dipped and roads got foggy with intermittent showers. Occassionally we spotted a far away water fall gushing down the hill and they kept coming back as we traversed through the curvy road. The roads were motorable considering the rain forest… and the traffic was considerably less compared to shiradi, charmadi or any other ghat…

Sharavathi silenced

 Then we reached sharavathi valley… No words can explain the beauty or serenity, it only can be experienced. There she stood still, forming a back water of the gerusoppa dam surrounded by dense jungle. The jungle was so dense; there was no other color than green… The clouds played with the sun, covering him most of the time… as if they dint want him to enjoy the curvy sharavathi flow. The clouds, the green, the wet surrounding, the silence, made each of us go still for a while. The mind had been put to rest, the happiness, the joy each one us were experienced was so immense that we had forgotten the tiredness from the 300 odd Km journey.

In the foreground all of us got busy clicking snaps… Then came the galore of views, Prasad wanted to buy a boat, and cruise down to the dam! Ravi wanted to buy an acre in the jungle and build a resort, to which I and Vinay disagreed. Anupam went quiet! Probably he was trying to relate to something similar in the hills of Assam. With sweet memories of the valley, we started descending the ghat towards Honnavar.

Vinay’s Karwar

7:30 PM 26th September 2009

Sun sets over Kali

Once we reached Honnavar, we stopped a quick tea break, without wasting time we headed north on NH 17. The road from Kumta to Karwar isn’t great at all… Now you must be surprised to read “Vinay’s Karwar”… This section is dedicated to him, he had so much information about karwar, right from the time we touched the Seabird site, to the port, then his college and hostel, Devbagh, Sadashivghad etc… He opened up an entire fold of his fond memories page by page, book by book… We crossed the Kali River and stopped by at Sadashivghad… Unfortunately sun had set by then and we haven’t captured any part of the picturesque location and remains for “Our Eyes only”


 Goa: Amzha aale

8:30 PM 26th September 2009

I was looking for a cup of tea when I bumped into the border… The guard was gentle enough to quickly clear us and we were zooming. This stretch was the most tiring as well as adventurous of the drive. The roads got narrower, the curves got frenzier… as Prasad says, we went through G, O, A turns… Once in Madgaon, we decided to look for a place to stay and finally zeroed in on Dona Julia Resorts at Calangute…

 I smell ‘Kal’ n ‘Gute’

10:30 PM 26th September 2009

As promised we had 2 rooms booked for us, we quickly freshened up and then were off to the beach… I pampered myself with couple of beers with dinner at the Souza Lobo’s. This gave me a lot of relief from the day’s driving… All of us headed back to the resort for a much needed good night sleep.

 To be Continued….

Day 3 – Goooooood Morning! Vythiri

Over the last 2 days, one thing we dint come across was rains… though occasionally it got cloudy with a hint of shower… Ideally I would have preferred a light drizzle as rain paints nature afresh… Anyways we all woke up early… Chembra looked beautiful covered in green and hidden in the clouds partially… I would have wanted to trek but the slippery slopes was too dangerous a try…


Vijay wanted to explore the path down the tall hill home stay and headed to explore the place… After we were done with our bath, we sent a search party (Prasad) to get our comrade back… Finally I had to go and pull both of them up! They were awed by the stream down the hill… and were experimenting with their photography skills. Once back, we had typical kerala breakfast… Puttu & dosa with vegetable stew and coconut chutney blurp! Was what we could hear… J



Eda! Edakal poyiyo…

It was about 10 AM we decided to start from Tall hill… It was an enjoyable stay and we all vowed to be back in winter again to trek on to chembra. We thanked Roopesh & Shaji for their hospitality and were off from vythiri towards sultan bathery and would visit edakal caves on the way…

 Its about 12 kms from the highway, on your right while going from vythiri to sultan bathery, we had to park the car on the foot hill and trek to the caves on the top of the hill… There is a jeep service too in which you can cover half the way… We decided to trek vinay & me walked at a steady pace… Behind me I could sense Prasad and Vijay panting and gasping… half way we took a break recharged our body with fluids and headed towards the peak… From here it was a walk path almost varying from 70-85 deg…





Murari bapu deciphers Alien’s sandesha

When we reached the cave, it had pre-historic carvings on them… Prasad felt it was the handy work of aliens and started interpreting it and Vijay could relate to it… Soon a crowd gathered to understand murari bapu’s gyan, guess they mistook Prasad to be from archeological department…  Further up the hill had we tried, I bet we could have had an ariel view of Calicut… We decided against it, the cave as in didn’t have much of a marvel but the climbing was an experience, it really deflated the gas out of us…


Lunch @ Sultan Bathery

It was about 1 PM when we left edakal, soon we were in sultan bathery stopped for lunch… We did some shopping banana chips, jackfruit chips etc… and left sultan bathery by 4:30 PM. We had company from Bangalore… bikers! But then it’s not suggested to travel through the forest by bike… We crossed the gates and were back in Karnataka… Into the bandipur forest, switched off the MP3 player & restrained my hands off the horn… we drove slowly again hoping to catch up with animals…


Jumbo mumbo

Half way through, couple of cars from both sides stayed stopped on the road and cameras clicked… I could see a herd of elephants on my right in the jungle… there were about 12-15 of them! By then a truck which came from the opposite direction honked forcing the herd leader to charge at the car parked… such a nerd! Anyways minutes later the whole herd crossed the road… We had our pictures taken and quietly left the place…



Retired with good memories

It was 7:40 PM when we reached mysore, We took the same ring road back, and headed towards Bangalore… stopped couple of places for a cuppa tea, It was a pleasant drive back… Most of them were ready to hit the sack! When I reached home, the car had clocked 850 Kms and it was 11:45 PM.


Below is some of the information which might be of use…


Travelled by car: Swift Vdi

Places stayed: Eastern Lodge, Sultan Bathery; Tall Hill Homestay, Vythiri

Places of interest: Kuruva Dweepam, Meenmutty Falls, Mutanga Wildlife sanctuary, Chembra Peak trek

Food: Mostly the food contains coconut, it is better to carry your own food if you have coconut intolerance

Time to visit: October till May(before monsoon)

Hope you have enjoyed reading the series and would hope to hear some comments from the reader…

Day 2 – Yet to decide on the plan

Main road, Sulthan Bathery

Main road, Sulthan Bathery

The room hired was shabby and was beside the main road… The Bangalore – Calicut traffic did bother us for a while as did the bad bed… but then sleep caught over me… I got up at half past 7 and was surprised to see Vijay up on his toes… Considering we slept late, I never expected him to wake up so early… In no time, all of us were up as energy overflowed with the aspiration to explore wayanad. The next 2 hrs was spent in deciding on where to start from. I wanted to go to Kuruva, Vinay also agreed the rest hadn’t done much of a research to argue our proposition. By 10:30 we were on the road to Kuruva Dweepam


Here we come Kuruva

Way to Kuruva Dweepam

Way to Kuruva Dweepam

It’s about 40 KM from Sultan bathery towards pulpally… On the way we cut across  some part of bandipur forest again… we stopped by on the way to put vinay’s camera to work and as we traversed further down, the road narrowed especially after pulpally and the final 3 km was non asphalted road challenged by big bamboo trees

Last 3 KM

Last 3 KM

 drawing lines on my car… Phew had a hard time avoiding them… anyways as we parked the car @ kuruva, we were told that we cannot cross the river on to the dweepam… hmm spirit dampened we started slowly cruising towards the river bank…


Dweepam Serenity

Green fields

Green fields

As we moved closer to the river, a light breeze blew and the bamboo screeched and we could hear Kabini roaring…  As I reached the bank and my first foot on the wet clay, slipped and had to hurriedly hold on to a support… We slowly moved towards the river and sat on a bamboo bench…

River Bank

River Bank

The Island looked gorgeously dressed in green, the river gushed in rage and we could feel the current on the surface as she picked the bed and ruffled the particles away.  The tree houses looked down on us as if they missed having their date…


On the bench

On the bench


We almost spent an hour enjoying the serene moments, each one of us sedated by the nature’s wilderness and its beauty.



@ Tall hill anchor down

On our way back, none of them spoke… guess everyone tried recollecting their tryst… As we neared sultan bathery around 2 PM, we started thinking of how we would want to spend the next half of the day… One of our common friend had suggested Tall hill home stay before we left. Vinay closed the deal with Roopesh who manages the home-stay and we were on our way to Vythiri…


Slumbered under chembra

Chembara Peaks

Chembara Peaks

At 3 PM we reached Vythiri, and checked into our cottage… it had a balcony in the backyard which overlooked the Chembara peak which is the second tallest in kerala. The view was beautiful… Clouds romanced the mountain brushing the green landscape… We refreshed ourselves and had lunch… The kerala meal was very good and soon all of us were on the bed for a nap.


It was 5:30 PM when I woke up… We wanted to go to neelimala view point

Backyard Balcony

Backyard Balcony

and at least watch the meenmutty falls, but then it was a bit late… had to travel around 30 Km to reach there… We went out for a walk around vythiri, had kattan chaya & omlete… Vijay & Prasad by now could speak quiet a bit of Malayalam and we laughed at their antics… I know, we had lost on Neelimala  but then laughing together & lighter side of the life, which we miss in our busy lifestyle compensated for that.

To Be Continued…

It was quiet sometime that we had been planning a trip; finally we decided to unwind on the week ending 22& 23rd July 2009. Decided on wayanad… 2 days is far too less a time to cover the entire stretch of wayanad and had decided that we will atleast visit 2-3 locations before we head back home which would make the trip memorable.

Start was a disaster:

The plan was to start from prasad’s house by 5 PM in kaggadasapura, I got a bit late reaching there, started at 6 PM and then to save time we took the varthur electronics city road… which none of us had been and ended up in Sarjapur-Ring road junction. Lessons learnt: Known HW is always better than an unknown galli… Our woes continued as NICE road is not yet a single stretch drive to mysore road. Especially the electronics city – bannerghatta road would have been better if not opened for public. Anyways reached Mysore road by 8:30… Phew! And zoomed through the highway….

At Shivalli we devoured…

All of us were damn hungry by the time we crossed channapatna, except for Prasad witty & timely humor we couldn’t have kept our thoughts away from the growls in our stomach.. Finally when we reached there, we hogged and it was tasty, delicious and hygienic. We avoided Maddur tiffanies and kamat lokaruchi as Maddur Tiffanys is unhygienic and Kamat is too crowded… Shivalli was pleasant… and Food was nice…

On the way…

Phew it was awesome drive, except for the untimely/uninformed humps on the SH17… everytime we drive through they seem to multiply. He felt his voice was much better than Vinay’s collection in the USB drive… All the way, we argued, chatted and drove at a consistent speed about 80-100 Kmph…

Left turn @ Mysore ring road…

Reached mysore at 10 PM and dint enter the city… the ring road is decent and reminds me of Bangalore ring roads 10 years ago… Uninhabitted!! The start of NH212 is pathetic and continues to be like that till nanjangud… and has humps which come as surprise at some places…

Pit Stop 2 at Coffee Day Gundlupet

Past nanjangud, the road is newly laid, painted and is a dream to drive… we cruised steadily with occasional truck or bus on the way… It was around quart past 11 when we reached gundalpet, we all felt like having a cuppa coffee which made us stop at Coffee Day. Quiet spacious built, well maintained rest rooms and the menu card looked full. We chose to have coffee and something to bite… the bites were horrible… dint like it at all… As I am not great fan of junkiez… :d


As we were about to leave, thatz when we decided to have pics, and write a blog on our travel… thatz how you find pics starting coffee day gundlupet… As we neared the checkpost and hit the road right towards wayanad, the sweet aroma of the malnad soil made me switch off the AC and lower the window glass. Every additonal kilometer made us anxious of finding an wild animal on the bandipur forest stretch.

Entering Bandipur forest range

As we crossed the gate, we switched off the music player and I lowered my speed just to ensure that we don’t trouble the natural habitat. The drive was really quiet except for some rash driving by the buses plying from Calicut to Bangalore. We were fortunate to spot elephants in couple of places. But the whole experience of driving through the jungle in the night was awesome and scintillating.

Gates @ Kerala

Phew! Never in my life, have I had to cross so many checkpost at one time… There are 4 checkpost right from Excise, commercial, police and forest. Except forest all other checkpost have huge queue for commercial vehicles. Prasad came up with some comments and gyan based on his days in kerala and Vijay joined him… soon we could hear them conversing in Malayalam. May be it was the scent of the land…

Tea Time with Moosa Bhai!

Once we crossed the checkposts, I wanted to have a tea it was almost half past 12 and then we stopped at a teastall… Had to wake up the vendor, and he made us some nice tea… The pics look shaken, thanks to Prasad… did the tea intoxicate him??? We shook hands with Moosa bhai, and headed towards sultan bathery…

 Chai with musa 

At quart past 1 we reached bathery, hurriedly found a lodge so that we could sleep that night and soon after we all were snoring… each one dreaming of a great holiday!

TO Be Continued…